“55% of all online purchases originate from Search Engines as opposed to only 9% from banners”

Site content needs to be presented to search engines in a very specific but subtle way in order to achieve top rankings for popular search phrases. The technical process of adjusting a site’s content and html is called search engine optimisation. For the rankings to be achieved, a good online reputation is required. For traffic to be generated the correct phrases must be targeted. To achieve the maximum business benefit, the site’s usability and business strategy must be well planned and executed.

Typical Activities

  • Homepage optimisation
  • Site meta tag optimisation
  • Site content optimisation
  • Site template optimisation
  • Content management system review

How Search Engine Optimisation Works


Typical Outcomes

  • Site found for a wide range of search phrases
  • Increased number of top 10 rankings
  • Increased brand exposure
  • Increased traffic
  • Traffic exhibits high conversion rate
  • Large % of traffic is from first time visitors