eMarketer ReportUnlike other research firms, which present only their own proprietary findings, eMarketer aggregates e-business data from over 1,500 sources worldwide. The company’s research and analyst teams filter and organize this information, and provide concise analysis around it, helping business executives, government officials and others make better, more informed decisions.

Their latest report entitled “Search Engine Marketing: Trends, Prospects & Opportunities” tries to answer the following questions

  • Why is online search marketing so hot?
  • Is your company positioned to take full advantage of paid search advertising?
  • What types of companies are properly positioned to take advantage of search?
  • How do you create effective landing pages?
  • What are consumers’ primary search patterns?
  • What is best for driving your business: paid or organic search?
  • Should you consider both paid and organic options?
  • What is paid inclusion, and who offers it?
  • What is contextual search?
  • What new trends are reshaping search engine marketing?
  • How soon will the trends in the market have an impact on business?

Below is an example of the findings. It shows what US Retailers deem to be the most effective forms of online marketing:

If you’re interested in further findings of this report, please let First Rate know, or alternately you can purchase this report online at the eMarketer site.