Sourced from Search Day Effective search engine advertising goes far beyond simply bidding on keywords. With both ads and landing pages, you have scant seconds to capture the imagination and clicks of a searcher. Search engine advertising presents many challenges. First, advertisers need to purchase the most relevant keyword phrases. Second, ads must be written to compel consumers to click on the ads. Third, the ads and the keyword buys need to generate clicks from qualified buyers. Advertisers don’t want their search engine advertising campaigns to generate unqualified traffic, costing them money and offering no hope of conversion. Additionally, ads must comply with the search engines’ editorial standards — a lot of work for what appears to be a simple ad campaign. Assuming search engine ads do reach the right audience, the landing pages you display are an essential component to help you convert browsers into buyers. In this Search Engine Strategies session, a panel of experts discussed ways to get the right clicks from search engine ads and to design landing pages that convert.