SearchIgnite SEM bid technology benefits

  • Of course you want greater ROI from paid search
  • And of course you want to make more money from paid search and spend less time worrying about it, right?
  • And how about an unfair advantage over your competitors?

First Rate has teamed up with SearchIgnite to deliver you exactly that.

As Australasia’s leader in Search & Performance we have been appointed as the exclusive licensee in New Zealand and Australia for the Search Engine Marketing technology offered by SearchIgnite™, one of the world’s leading providers of SEM bid management.

This arrangement provides First Rate with an advanced suite of tools to manage, optimise, track and report on your SEM campaigns. And when you combine this advanced technology with our talented team of Adwords qualified professionals, you’ll get even greater results.

The main benefits include significant operating efficiencies, more in-depth campaign reporting and improved digital media ROI.

The same technology that is currently used by more than 500 clients world-wide, optimising over 50 million keywords and delivering $6 billion in online transactions annually is now available to New Zealand advertisers.

Key Features of the SearchIgnite™ Technology

Here is a list of some of SearchIgnite’s best features:

Predictive and Automated Bid Optimization

Optimise your search spend using automated and predictive technology based on results:

  • Optimise against a fixed budget to maximise revenue, conversions, profits or clicks
  • Optimise against a business metric with no budget constraint to maximise results against a set CPA/CPS or ROAS target

Cross Channel Tracking and Attribution

Integrate data from multiple marketing channels (SEO, Display, Email, Partners, etc) to understand the whole picture and how each media channel is affected (assisted) by any others.  This goes beyond first click or last click tracking and leads to holistic campaign optimisation (not just search).

Ad Creative and Landing Page Testing and Optimisation

Easily identify, optimise and test both creative and landing pages to generate maximum conversions.

Cross Engine Efficiencies and Keyword Recommendations

Expand keyword lists and upload changes to multiple engines quickly and easily. This operating efficiency means more time is available for strategic decision making and allocating media to those channels that return the best ROI for your business.

Enhanced Reporting and Analysis

Easy to understand reporting tools complement existing web analytics packages such as Google Analytics with better channel-specific insights.

Don’t take our word for it

If you are investing  $10,000+ per month on paid search, you’ll not only see your results improve but you’ll get more sales at a lower cost just by using SearchIgnite™ technology.

There are plenty of SearchIgnite success stories such as E*TRADE who increased conversions by 299% as can be seen in the graph below. Please take 2 minutes to read the full E*TRADE case study.

ROI from SearchIgnite's Paid Search Bid Technology

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