(Image source: Google Analytics)

New announcements have been coming thick and fast at this year’s Google Analytics Summit in Mountain View, California. There have been 14 product announcements in one session!

I’m fortunate enough to be attending this year’s Google Analytics Summit and possibly the most exciting news for marketers is the addition of demographic data to Google Analytics.

Those of you who have used Google Display Network (GDN) have seen the rich options of targeting in that tool for a while – age, gender, and their rich list of interests. That same data will be available via Google Analytics demographics. This will allow you to do some pretty exciting stuff. For example, you can now see your conversion rate by age and gender. You could even do this on the basis of a particular campaign or channel. This data can be used in all sorts of ways – to better inform offline efforts, to enhance your campaigns, or to just get richer data on your GDN efforts.

This data will be available via the new Unified Segments, allowing you to see all your site traffic and conversions through a demographic lens.

I’m excited to see what new opportunities this opens up for the savvy online marketer!