The bulk of the consultants here at First Rate are (or have been in their younger days) pretty keen gamers.

So what would our profession be if it was a computer game? I don’t think it’s as easy as having just one…

SEO – Space Invaders:

Let’s start off with a classic. In space invaders you need to keep on shooting those aliens to keep on getting points. You need to hit the guys down the bottom first, and move your way up to the guys up the top. If we think about each level of aliens as a stage in your SEO project. Without doing your Search phrase research, the bottom level, you can’t get the next level up, or the one after that.

Space Invaders is like Search Engine Optimisation

Google AdWords – Duck Hunt

In Duck Hunt you need to aim carefully and shoot the ducks as they fly past. When you start out you are going to do a lot more shooting than hitting, but over time you refine your aim more and more, and end up with a higher success rate! Adwords is the same – when you first start out you target a lot, but as you learn from your results you end up refining your aim, better selecting the ducks you know you can hit, thus increasing the likelihood of getting a conversion every time you “pull the trigger”.

Duck Hunt is a lot like Google AdWords

Conversion Rate Optimisation – Lemmings and Mortal Kombat

This one gets two games, as there are two major parts to it.

First of all, lemmings. Your website is just like a lemmings level, with the lemmings being the users (we mean this in the nicest possible way!). You have a start, where the user enters, and an end, the conversion point, and you are trying to guide as many as possible safely through the process. Do a poor job and too many will drop out, but do it right and more will make it to the safety of the portal!

Lemmings is like Conversion Rate Optimisation

So that’s why you do it, what about how?

In Mortal Kombat two go in, only one comes out! In A/B testing two pages run head to head, with only the winner living on to fight again. You have a range of “moves” and tactics you need to use to make sure your new page beats the old one!

Mortal Kombat is just like CRO A/B Split Testing

Analytics – Mine Sweeper

Minesweeper is all about reading the numbers and picking the trends. Analytics is exactly the same!  We dig through the figures, identifying where to ‘click’ next, and what areas to avoid.

Minesweeper Analytics - Digging for the numbers that matter

Other favourite suggestions from around the office:

  • SEO Farmville – The internet is huge and you don’t get anywhere without connections
  • SEO Pacman – Eat up market share before your competitors do
  • Donkey Kong AdWords – Find your way to the top without getting hit with barrels – or high CPCs!
  • CRO Tetris – Need to find the best way to fit all the page parts together.
  • Multivariate CRO EVE Online – Multivariate conversion rate optimisation is much like configuring an arsenal of advanced spaceship weaponry (positive encouragement, testimonials, trust factors) and tactical defensive modules (purchase objections Q&A, Top queries FAQ) in just the right combination to have maximum conversion impact, hyper-charging conversion rates and thus maximising revenue.
  • Online Marketing Chess – It’s all about strategy and achieving long term goals using tactical opportunities.

Any other favourites you can think of..?

Leave us a comment if you have a suggestion!