by Chris Sherman

A new tool from search craftsman Michael Fagan uncovers a hidden wealth of information about virtually any web page.

URLInfo’s deceptively simple tabbed interface actually provides links to more than 85 tools. To use it, type a URL into the form on the page, and then click one of the ten tabs at the top of the page. These tabs describe functions: General, links, similar, cache, search, blogs/feeds, translate, track, develop and misc. Under each tab is a set of links related to its general function.

The links tab checks backlinks to a page from Google, Yahoo and others. The similar tab finds related pages from Google, UC More, and others. Cache, as you might expect, provides links to copies of the page stored at the various search engines and other sites that save cached pages.

Just about all of the functions offered by URLinfo are self-explanatory. If you don’t know what a link does, simply click on it and watch what happens. You’ll likely discover a useful tool that you haven’t heard about before

There are some fun tools included, as well. The word popularity colorizer highlights words on the page, changing font sizes to indicate how commonly used the words are. Textalyser performs detailed statistical analysis of the page, including word count, sentence length, and keyword density.