Sourced from searchenginewatch.comForget bookmarks: Web content managers allow you to create your own personal, searchable cache of web pages

This makes them ideal alternatives to the wimpy bookmark/favorites utilities offered by most browsers. The problem with bookmarks is that over time, once you’ve saved hundreds or thousands, it’s easy to forget what a page is about, or why you bookmarked it. Worse, bookmarks break the moment content is removed or gets shifted from its original location.

Web content managers solve this problem by saving pages, either in a local data store on your own computer, or on a remote server that’s accessible from any net-connected computer.

A new web content manager that has quickly become indispensable is ContentSaver a desktop based application that has two parts: A toolbar for Internet Explorer used to capture and annotate content, and an Outlook-like program used to search and review your own personal stash of web pages

ContentSaver provides similar features and functions to web content managers. You can save entire web pages, or selected parts (snippets, images, URLs, etc.). You can also annotate saved content with your own metadata to facilitate later searching.

If you’re looking for an industrial strength replacement for your bookmarks or favourites, ContentSaver is an excellent choice. It’s also a great tool for anyone that makes presentations where you need to show web sites. Capture all of your screens ahead of time and you won’t need a live internet connection to display web sites.

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