Grant Osborne, Director of Strategy & Performance was invited to speak at the New Zealand Computer Society‘s WFIA Breakfast recently. Grant spoke about the knowledge gaps that often exist between the IT and Marketing departments and covered a variety of topics including:

  • There must be dialogue
  • Clarity controls costs
  • Search begins with planning
  • Development is complicated
  • SEO is most effective
  • SEO touches everything
  • Design for the user
  • Measure success using the right numbers
  • Smarts get results not $$$
  • Social Media may be a little over-rated
  • Maintenance is critical

Talk to First Rate now for expert advice on internet marketing – You may contact Grant if you would like a copy of the presentation.

There must be dialogue
2.Clarity controls costs
3.Search begins with planning
4.Development is complicated
5.SEO is most effective
6.SEO touches everything
7.Design for the user
8.Measure success using the right numbers
9.Smarts get results not $$$
10.Social Media may be a little over-rated
11.Maintenance is critical