First Rate’s Chief Operating Officer, Samuel Stadler, presented at the American Chamber of Commerce (Amcham) yesterday.

Samuel spoke on how multi-channel marketing for retailers is more important than ever, how online ad spend supports offline store sales and how consumers are using predominately generic, product-focused search terms – not necessarily branded terms.

One interesting statistic to lift out from Samuel’s presentation Online Retailers & The Power of Search:

Search Engine Marketing and Google Analytics for New Zealand Retailers (e-tailers / NZ retailing)

The Amcham Retailers Power Breakfast Forum was held in association with the New Zealand Retailers Association. The topic was: “What retailers need to know to grow and prosper in 2010 – five specialist presentations from leading experts, including Steve Kulmar and Stefan Preston”, and the presentations covered the following topics:

  • Making sustainable retailing practices work for you
  • Integrating design into the retailer’s DNA
  • Feminizing the in-store experience to avoid losing customer engagement
  • Personalising the experience; talking with and listening to your customers
  • Learning the essentials of search marketing for successful e-tailing and online marketing
  • Streamlining HR and recruitment

New Zealand Retailing – What Retailers Need to Know to Grow and Prosper

  • “How sustainable retailing practices are working overseas and top tips on how to make these new trends work for you” – Steve Kulmar, Retail Consultant, M&C Saatchi Retail
  • “Managers are now forced to rethink the way the work environment contributes to productivity and creativity. Top tips on how your company can integrate design into the company’s DNA.” – Stefan Preston, CEO, Ingenio
  • “Feminizing the in-store experience or suffer losing engagement. How in-store architecture and design is crucial to the retail marketing mix.” – Gary McCartney, Managing Director, Brands in Space
  • “Personalising the experience; talking with and listening to your customers rather than shouting at them. Why personalising the offer in retail is important and top tips on providing targeted offers and servicing based on individual profiles.” – Darryn Melrose, CEO, M&C Saatchi
  • “The power of Search: Why every business needs a strong presence on search engines and how measurable it can be, especially when compared to alternative forms of marketing. ” – Samuel Stadler, COO, First Rate
  • “Permission based email marketing” – Toni Knowles, New Zealand Country Manager, 3di Interactive

Please follow the link to download Samuel’s presentation on New Zealand Retailers, Search Engine Marketing & Google Analytics.