Cross channel attribution. It is a very different way of thinking about measuring marketing, It can be a bit tricky to grasp at first.

The Problem:

Prospect views a display ad, clicks.
•Next day, searches for the product, and clicks on a paid search result.
•Later, types the brand name, clicks on organic results and converts.

Which channel gets the credit?

Organic does.

Would the sale have been made without the first 2 steps?

Unlikely. So why is organic the hero?

To make it more interesting… most analytics software will give credit to the organic click, adwords will give credit to the paid click, DART will give credit to the display ad, any deduping software will give credit to whatever the business rules are configured as. If you had 3 separate agencies they would probably all take credit for that 1 conversion. Heaven help anyone on a performance contract!

Download the presentation by Mark Baartse, Head of Consulting at First Rate to explore the subject further.

First Rate_CrossChannelAttribution_SMX Mel 2010