“A website is a business tool that can be used in a number of ways to generate and support real business results.”

A site can be used to support customers, qualify prospects, enable transactions or help build the companies brand and market position.

A website however does not in itself generate new prospects or protect a company’s existing customer base.

To attract new prospects, customers and other key individuals of value to the site a marketing strategy is required. The site’s content and technology are then used to convert those prospects and customers into real business results.

Typical Activities

  • Business interview
  • Marketing interview
  • Technical interview
  • Workshop
  • Functional review

Typical Outcomes

  • Clear site vision & mission to work towards
  • Refine site design & navigation
  • Refine or add site copy
  • New site functional requirements
  • New site marketing strategies
  • A website that converts traffic into business benefit