Home Appliances Online Conversion Industry Report

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Which New Zealand home appliance providers are optimising their homepage online conversion?

Find out which home appliance providers are taking the lead in homepage online conversion and how they’re doing it.

FIRST has investigated the homepage element score rankings for NZ home appliance providers, utilising FIRST’s Conversion Experience Scoring (CXS) analysis framework. In addition, FIRST applied its Category Element Scoring methodology to identify which category element is most present across the analysed home appliance sites.

Analysed home appliances ecommerce sites include:

* briscoes.co.nz
* harveynorman.co.nz
* smithscity.co.nz
* 100percent.co.nz
* noelleeming.co.nz

In this Home Appliances Online Conversion Industry Report we discovered:

  • Currently, Briscoes stands out in the online conversion landscape, turning passive visitors into valuable customers thanks to relatively better homepage site performance and user experience.
  • Majority of the analysed home appliance providers have low CXS scores, below 50%. Most retailers will gain more market share and increase online revenue by implementing a Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) Strategy.
  • All of the analysed home appliance providers scored low (below 30%) for Customer Service in the Category Element Scoring. By providing the best customer online experience, these retailers will be able to boost online conversions and improve credibility among New Zealand customers.
  • To increase the homepage’s conversion rate, it is important to find its weak points and critical conversion paths to determine why visitors are dropping out at that point and to know what will enhance the user experience.
  • A well structured homepage based on a sound digital strategy and optimised for online conversion can deliver great customer service, generate more leads and online sales, maximise return on investment from digital spend and provide a competitive advantage in the home appliances market.

Homepage element score rankings

Category Element Score Rankings

Download the industry report now

FIRST uses its bespoke metric called CXS (Conversion Experience Scoring) that provides a simple way to compare the homepage elements of a website with its competitors. CXS is a percentage based indication of how well a company utilises conversion best practices on its website’s homepage. The overall scoring shows the opportunity size the company has to address on conversion issues, to engage more visitors and ultimately increase the number of sales / leads.