Imagine you owned a retail outlet and that everyone who came into your store was kind enough to complete a customer questionnaire for you.

In this imaginary world, time wouldn’t be an issue. You could ask a whole lot of questions, such as how people had heard about your store, where they’d just come from, if they’d been to your store before, and what sort of thing they were looking for when they came to you.

On the way out, they’d tell you what items they’d looked at (or considered buying).

Of course we all know that in the retail world, such a questionnaire wouldn’t work. But online, it’s perfectly feasible.

Media Tracker is, in effect, a behind-the-scenes ‘questionnaire’ that allows you to learn about every visitor to your web site in terms of their referring medium and actions taken within your web site. In the process, you can build up a powerful picture of the type of person who’s visiting, how they got there, what they do when they’re there, and the most effective tools for getting more of the visitors you want.