How One Small Change Made a Big Difference for RentalCars NZ

RentalCars NZ is proud to be a 100% kiwi owned and operated family company specialising in rental vehicles at affordable rates. Conversion Rate Optimisation provided an environment that enabled RentalCars NZ to quickly test different scenarios aimed at improving user experience, conversions and revenue.

Using to run this A/B test, our goal was to increase online completed bookings, and increase revenue. We noticed a that there may be disconnect between ad message and landing page experience.

Our theory was if a user clicks an ad that promotes a specific/special price, then a product that matches that price point should be immediately visible on the landing page. By not meeting this user expectation straight away, it may result in negative feelings from the visitor towards the brand and deter some visitors from further engaging to book a car rental. ‘Bargain hunter’ type visitors who are price sensitive, might also not hang around long enough or sift through listings to find the right match, especially if the ad that brought them to the site pre-qualified them in some way.

For the full scoop on how this small change resulted in increased bookings from visitors who landed on the test page by 59.2% and improved revenue per visitor by 78.6% compared with visitors who landed on the original page, download the full conversion rate optimization case study here.